Wednesday, November 11, 2009

arT bLoX

fuck art blocks
got rid of it by throwin up on the canvas.
i was listenin to nas - one time 4 your mind
"yall niggaz was born i shot my way out my mom dukes" -nas
and the art blocks were trying to invade my womb so i shot them instead.
i sensed the devil so i opened my third eye to meet him but staring long enough
greeted me... with temptation so my other eyes went blind while my mind cracked
thoughts to fight for what i thought was true. but the screws in the side of my
head held my imaginations back from releasing into this world. the sun shines only
after the rain and i have no clue where i really come from. but before i make it
back into my womb, i definitely will bleed my imaginations onto a canvas called life.
it'll live on long after the essence from which we came. this is on some meditation
elevation tip. i might finish this later if i can remember wtf i just wrote ahaaaaa

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